Passport Services

U.S. passports Execution fee will increase to $ 35

Effective April 02, 2018, the passport execution fee will increase from $25 to $35.  The $10 execution fee increase only applies to U.S. passport using the DS-11 form, such as first-time applicants over 16 and applicants who re-apply after reporting their previous passport lost or stolen.

The $10 fee increase does not apply to adults eligible to renew their passport using the DS-82 form.


Starting November 1, 2015, eyeglasses are no longer allowed in passport photos. For more information, please click here.

The Consular Section can issue passports to American citizens applying for the first time, renewing an expired passport, or applying for a replacement for a lost or stolen passport.

Full instructions regarding application forms, supporting documents, photos, and fees are provided at the Travel.State.Gov website.

Passport applications are normally processed within ten working days.  In case of an emergency, however, a limited validity passport can often be issued on the same day the application is approved.

Payment: Cash only in either U.S. dollars or Mauritian Rupees or by Credit Card.

All non-emergency consular services for U.S. Citizens are provided by appointment only. U.S. citizens should contact the Consular Section at (230)-202-4432 or via e-mail for an appointment prior to visiting the Embassy to ensure the availability of consular staff.

Consular Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 7:30 to 16:45
Friday: 7:30  to 12:30