Current Issues

The United States Government enjoys excellent bilateral relations with Mauritius. The collaboration spans over various sectors:


  • S. businesses are investing in Mauritius with important trade links between Mauritius and the U.S. Bilateral trade is now valued at $337 million dollars. Of that, $260 million are exports from Mauritius to the U.S. Mauritius also benefits greatly from the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), as Mauritian exports to the U.S. grew 420 percent between 2001 and 2014.  The biggest sectors of export to the U.S. are textiles and apparel, followed by jewelry and processed fish products.


  • Since 2005, more than 2,000 Mauritians have studied in the U.S. Currently, there are more than 230 Mauritian students studying in America. Scholarship/financial aid awarded to Mauritian students for Fall 2016 was $687.000 (MUR 24,378,000). All students departing for the U.S. in 2016 for higher education were awarded either partial or full scholarship packages from their respective U.S. universities.

Exchange Programs 

  • Since 1967, more than 700 Mauritians have participated in our exchange programs, including Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Pravind Jugnauth. Four members of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet are also exchange program alumni.
  • Since 2010, 66 Mauritians have participated in our YALI (Young Africa Leadership Initiative) in the U.S. And when they returned to Mauritius, new businesses, organizations, and programs have been created as a result.