U.S. Embassy Partners with Seychelles Fishing Authority and Seychelles Investment Board for workshop on ‘Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture Development

August 24, 2023: The U.S. Embassy was pleased to partner with the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) and the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) to organize a workshop titled “Promoting Sustainable Aquaculture Development.”
The workshop was part of a three-day series of meetings, site visits, and other engagements to support the development of sustainable aquaculture in Seychelles. During the workshop the participants discussed industry best practices and challenges. The broader initiative is the result of strong collaboration among the U.S. Embassy, Seychelles Fishing Authority, and Seychelles Investment Board.

Jason Heckathorn, Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of the U.S.-based firm Forever Oceans accepted an invitation from the Embassy to take part in the workshop as a speaker and connect with Seychellois aquaculture stakeholders. Forever Oceans’ mission is to raise nutrient-rich fish in a sustainable manner, offshore and in deep water. The company builds automated enclosures to raise fish in a more natural environment. They have also created advanced automated systems to maintain the enclosures and feed the fish without human interaction. Forever Oceans’ innovations have been recognized as a TIME Magazine “Best Invention of the Year,” and the company was named one of the top-25 seafood innovators in the world by Seafood Source Magazine.

In his opening remarks at the workshop, U.S. Ambassador Henry Jardine highlighted the importance of aquaculture as a key component of climate-resilient food systems and noted the Embassy has been working closely with the Government of Seychelles and industry associations to promote sustainable aquaculture practices.
“At the 2023 Our Ocean Conference in Panama in March, the United States delegation, headed by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, made seven commitments totaling more than $665 million U.S. dollars – nearly $9 billion Seychellois Rupees – under the sustainable fisheries area of action. U.S. initiatives aim to improve climate resilience in fisheries and advance transparency in the fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The U.S. Embassy is pleased to collaborate with the Government of Seychelles and industry associations to protect marine biodiversity and promote sustainable aquaculture practices and fisheries management.”

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs sponsored this effort through its Business Facilitation Incentive Fund (BFIF).