The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program started in 1964 as a pilot project in Ghana, and it has since expanded to other African countries.  It is a grass-roots assistance program that allows U.S. embassies to respond quickly to the needs of small, community-based development projects.  Every year, a few projects are selected based on the quality of the project and the impact that the project will have in the community.  The embassy will consider projects that:

  1. Improve basic economic and social conditions at the grassroots level.
  2. Support high-impact, quick-implementation activities that benefit many people.
  3. Involve a significant local contribution in cash, labor, or material, and be within the ability of the local community to operate and maintain.
  4. Have local community support and, if possible, contribute to income-generating or self-sustainable activities.
  5. Will be completed within 12 months.

Project proposals that benefit or equip the NGOs themselves will not be considered.

Please fill up the application form (WORD Document) and submit all the required forms (SF424, SF424A and SF424B).  All NGOs submitting a project proposal are required to register on SAMs, NCAGE and DUNS. Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to email us on: The deadline to submit your application form (by email only) is Thursday, September 09, 2021.