Funding Opportunity: EducationUSA Student Assistant

Funding Opportunity Title: EducationUSA Student Assistant
Funding Opportunity Number:  PAS-PortLouis-FY22-02
Deadline for Applications:  March 25, 2022

CFDA Number: 19.040 – Public Diplomacy Programs
Total Amount Available: $8,000
Maximum for Each Award: $8,000


The U.S. Embassy to Mauritius and Seychelles is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for an EducationUSA Student Assistant (ESA) to assist in supporting EducationUSA programs and activities in Mauritius and Seychelles.  Current Mauritian and Seychellois students and recent U.S. university alumni are encouraged to submit their applications to be considered for this opportunity.

The EducationUSA Advising Center (EAC) in Mauritius is located in the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis. It falls within the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy and its primary goal is to provide Mauritian and Seychellois students accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information on higher education in the United States. The EAC is staffed by an EducationUSA adviser, who has first-hand experience studying in the United States and working as a Graduate Assistant on an American campus. All the services offered by the adviser are free.

The EducationUSA Student Assistant (ESA) will assist high school or secondary school students considering undergraduate study in the United States.  We encourage applications from current students or recent graduates who are eager to share their experience and can identify creative ways to communicate directly with prospective students.  Depending on activities, the ESA will cover between 8 to 12 hours a week. Major responsibilities of the ESA will include:

  • Scheduling and assisting the EducationUSA adviser with outreach sessions (in-person or virtual)
  • Providing accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information to prospective students in a WhatsApp group
  • Responding to students by email, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms
  • Scheduling individual appointments to meet with and advise students and parents
  • Lead sessions on how to apply through the Common Application, how to apply for financial aid, how to write a competitive essay, how to tackle the SAT
  • What to expect on an American College campus and share his/her college experience
  • Connecting with other Mauritian or Seychellois U.S. University Alumni

Program Objectives:

While the ESA will be under direct supervision of the EducationUSA adviser, s/he will be expected to work independently in terms of responding to emails, managing a prospective student WhatsApp group, and promoting EducationUSA through social media platforms. The ESA will primarily promote undergraduate study in the United States. The latter will assist the EducationUSA adviser in engaging with students by leading in-person and virtual presentations on the U.S. university admissions process, campus culture, and American culture, sharing their own college experience, proof-reading student essays, and perform other duties as assigned.

Program Goal:

The ESA position is an excellent opportunity for students interested in working with dynamic group of students and supporting the future leaders of Mauritius and Seychelles. The ESA will develop cross-cultural, communication, presentation, and leadership skills. In addition, while working with diverse groups of students, the ESA gain practical experience in international student advising.


The primary audience is Grade 13 students in 2022 and who are considering applying to U.S. universities by the end of 2022 to be considered for the intake of August/September 2023. These students will also submit financial aid applications in before February 1, 2023. Students in Grade 11 and 12 are also included as a secondary audience to begin researching U.S. universities.


Length of performance period: 10 months

Number of awards anticipated: 1 award

Award amounts: Maximum of $8,000

Total available funding: $8,000

Application Deadline: March 25, 2022

Anticipated program start date: April 15, 2022

This notice is subject to availability of funding.

Contingent on the availability of funds, a total of $8,000 for one grant will be awarded through this announcement. If selected to receive an award, an applicant will be awarded funds for 10 months.

Funding Instrument Type: Fixed Amount Award

Program Period of Performance: April 15, 2022 – February 15, 2023

    • Eligible Applicants: The Public Affairs Section encourages applications from U.S., Mauritian or Seychellois:
      • Registered not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non- governmental organizations with programming experience
      • Individuals
    • Application Package

Application materials will include the following:

  • a resume outlining your personal and academic information, work experience (if any), and including names and contact information of two references
  • a proposal

Please submit your application by email at, at latest, March 25, 2022

Instructions to write proposal:

  1. A proposal coversheet must precede the body of the proposal. The cover sheet must state the applicant’s name, proposal date, program title, start and end date of program, and brief purpose of the program.
  2. Proposal (two pages maximum): The proposal should contain sufficient information that anyone not familiar with it would understand exactly what the applicant wants to do and what the program will accomplish. You may use your own proposal format.
  3. Program goals and objectives: The goals describe what the program is intended to achieve. What aspect of the undergraduate student advising will be improved? The objectives refer to the intermediate accomplishments on the way to the goals. These should be achievable and measurable.

PAS encourages applications from current university students or applicants who completed their studies in the last five years.

  1. Program activities: Describe the program activities and how they will help achieve the objectives.
  2. Program methods and design: A description of how the program is expected to work to achieve the goal.
  3. Program costs: A description of how the recipient plans to spend $8,000 between April 15, 2022, and February 15, 2023. Costs may include, but not limited to, purchase of technology, internet data package, transportation costs, monthly stipend, and other costs. The applicant may present this information in the form of a table in the proposal.
  4. Proposed program schedule: The proposed timeline for the program activities has been set to commence on or after April 15, 2022, and end on February 15, 2023.
  5. Media plan: All submissions must include a press and social media plan that outlines how the implementer will publicize the activities and goals of the program.
  6. Program monitoring and evaluation plan: This is an important part of successful grants. Throughout the timeframe of the grant, how will the activities be monitored to ensure they are happening in a timely manner, and how will the program be evaluated to make sure it is meeting the goals of the grant