Information Resource Center

The U.S. Embassy Library in Port Louis was founded in 1979. It was rededicated as the “American Resource Center” on May 4, 1995. In November 1998, the center was renamed the U.S. “Information Resource Center” or IRC. The IRC is intended to meet the needs of Mauritian government policymakers, academics, including graduate students doing research, journalists, and others whose work requires them to have in-depth information about the United States. Individuals in these groups will automatically become IRC contacts with full IRC access rights upon request to the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis.

Research & Reference

The reference service is the basis of the IRC services. Reference and research covering a full range of themes are provided to target client via telephone, fax, e-mail and through the IRC website. The IRC subscribes to specific databases in order to perform reliable research.

Outreach Activities

Through the Information Resource Center, the Embassy Center is expanding its outreach services and currently offers different services:

Video/Movie Discussions: These programs on various topics can be hosted by the Embassy at its location or can be requested by an organization, school or other.  Organizations and schools can request a program at

Let’s Talk:  This is a monthly discussion program held at the Embassy and hosted by an American officer or an invited speaker on a wide range of topics.  Invitations are sent to IRC contacts through email and posted on the Embassy’s Facebook page.

English Conversation Club:  This weekly after-school program targets Form V students preparing for their final exams.  It is led by an American trainer and comprises grammar, vocabulary and hands-on activities.  Participating students have free access to fiction books and Playaways (audiobooks).  To sign up, students may send an email to

Uncle Sam’s Traveling Library:  This mobile library comprises a collection of books and videos that travels to primary schools on a monthly basis and helps promote reading among school children.  A guest speaker usually travels along and conducts storytelling sessions.  Headmasters can request to host the USTL by contacting the IRC at