Class 3 Cyclone Warning in Effect for Tropical Cyclone Belal

Location:  Mauritius and Reunion (Fr)


In Mauritius, a Class 3 cyclone warning is in effect for tropical Cyclone Belal. Additionally, authorities in Reunion have issued a cyclone alert level red, requiring residents to shelter in place.  The U.S. Embassy offices located at the Rogers House in Port Louis, Mauritius will remain closed on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.  Routine consular services and appointments at the U.S. Embassy are cancelled for Tuesday, January 16, 2024.  U.S. Embassy services will be limited until further notice.

In Mauritius, more information on the latest on weather conditions is available by phone by calling local number 171 (mobile)/8996 (fixed line).  Stay abreast of the latest bulletin from the Mauritius Meteorological Service by calling the local number 171 (mobile) or 8996 (fixed line) or monitoring local radio, the National Weather Service (, and local media to stay aware of any weather developments in their area.  The Commissioner of Police has issued a stay at home order in effect until 12:00 pm on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

In Reunion, information on current weather conditions is available at the France Meteorological Service – Reunion website:

Vigilance is urged in areas affected by the cyclone.  While we will seek to inform Americans as necessary, the U.S. Embassy will be limited in providing emergency services during the storm.

Actions to Take:

Consult the Mauritius Meteorological Service website and the France Meteorological Service – Reunion website (French) for the most up-to-date information.  Please continue to monitor national and international media for information as well.  The Government of Mauritius and France may issue stay-at-home notices, so please continue to follow local laws and emergency measures enforced to prepare for the cyclone.

During the Storm:

  • Avoid travel until the storm has dissipated;
  • Monitor the local news for updates;
  • Seek secure shelter;
  • Do not go outside, flying debris is lethal;
  • Do not watch the storm from beaches as storm surge, rip tides and rogue waves are hazardous;
  • Stay off your home/cell phone and radio. Keep all means of communication available for an emergency.

After the storm:

  • Do not leave your shelter until the all-clear signals have been given by relevant authorities;
  • Beware of fallen power lines, damaged buildings and trees and flooded water courses;
  • Do not consume fallen fruits;
  • Boil water for drinking purposes;
  • Drain out stagnant water to prevent proliferation of mosquitoes.


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